Nestle Milkybar Commercial

Nestle Milkybar's Ad in particular triggers a lot of memories for most of us who were kids between the late 80's and the early 90's. The bar was targeted at the young population of India and was aired in the evenings when all the kids went back home to watch some productive television after play time.

Nestle went with the 'Nestle Milkybar  Kid' as there was already the 'Complan Boy/ Girl', 'Rasna Girl' and many others. The commercial soon caught on but the product did not go down well with the unfortunate ones who were intolerant to lactose.

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The Milkybar is still available in the supermarkets today for 10 rupees but back then, it was a prized possession. A day or sometimes a weeks worth of homework and good behavior could be demanded in exchange for the Milkybar which came with a sleek carton packed shell.

Nestle's 'Milkybar kid' happened to show off his Milkybar power in space while at the same time the 'Milkybar kid' in the United Kingdom was a cowboy. Nestle knew that there was something about space with the kids growing up during that time in India.

Nestle Milkybar kid in the UK
Watch the Nestle Milkybar Commercial that was aired on Doordarshan National (DD1) right here.

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