#46: Street Hawk - Theme Song

I just hope that Street Hawk remained as a never ending saga of biking action. It was pure action and suspense that kept me glued to the Television. The "Foreign English" never deterred me from watching each and every episode. I never used to miss this show when it was aired on one of those Doordarshan nights. I think it was aired on Mondays or probably Saturdays, not sure. There were many toys released to make sure we enjoyed the show off TV too. I think most of you should remember this toy :
I craved for one like this from Funskool but never got to play with it.

Although we played Street Hawk on our mini bicycles where we zoomed on our bikes and jumped from the stairs to imitate Jesse Mach (Rex Smith). We even wore our dads helmets while riding our mini cycles then . . . lol . . Riding on uneven surfaces gave us immense pleasure as the more we did that, the more we resembled Jesse Mach testing the street hawks off road capability. The idea of Hyper thrust, Machine guns, Vertical lift off enthused us to the core.

There is a site that each one of you Street Hawk fans should see. It has all the info one needs to know about street hawk and much more. Don't forget to check out the Audio tracks on the site. You can find it here.


  1. Street Hawk is the best serieal. The wordings, The Man, The Machine, Street Hawk gives the introduction of that Serial. Thanks to Doordarshan National for refreshing all the memories which are attached with this serial.
    All the Best to all the team members of Doordarshan National and team members who has created such nice blogs by giving an opportunity to write comments and i am proud of this Channel "DOORDARSHAN".

  2. Thank You for the comment. It was a pleasure to read your comment at first on this blog. Glad to know that this blog has refreshed your memories..

  3. I request to team members of Doordarshan to again telecast this serial, will it be not possible. I am sure that even now also u telecast this serial on this channel ur TRP will be up. This Serial depicts that Rex Smith role played by actor as Police Officer and as secret agent is really inspirational. We needed such secret agents to fight the crime and offences happening in India.

  4. thanks for sharing this 'worth remembering' serial ^_^

  5. Hi Sir,

    I appreciate that you have collected and shared all these valuable videos with us, though i have a request if you can upload the mp3 or video of "jab jab mere ghar aana tum phool palash ke le aana" from the serial Phool Palash Ke .. I would be thankful to you .


    1. I want to watch that serial . I have been searching like crazy. That time when it was aired I was too young and did not understand it. Wanna watch again now

  6. Thanks for the videos, it has been so awesome to see all these collection of videos.

  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG

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