Spread The Light Of Freedom

Doordarshan video
Spread the Light of Freedom - Doordarshan
This video was on this blog for quite some years now, but I thought that it was time now to give it a bump once again by re uploading it. Comment with your thoughts below if you remember watching this video. This video is one of those videos when aired  meant that I had enough of TV and I should go outside and play. It was boring to watch and everybody in the neighborhood could hum to the tune of this song. This video could easily be the most watched video on Doordarshan of all time.

            Now, the very same video brings with it a lot of memories. I hope it does the same to you too. Well, the government was teaching the adults and kids of that time that it was time to take to the torch and stand proud to this nation called India. I doubt if we all felt the same way but that was the government talking.
Enjoy the Video:


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  2. Can we find the railway crossing add performed by aman Verma and an guy.

  3. Unable to find an old advertisement of a new born baby girl with her eyes, hands and legs tied with ribbon. And then set her free.

  4. Wow!! Time travel...goosebumps feel as it was in the 90's...

  5. I salute India's real heroes