#470: Maggi Commercial - 1

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Old Maggi Print Advertisement 


  1. i have been trying to get the title song of the serial zameen aasman. it was sung by vinod rathod and the lyrics were "manzil raasta karwan, har ghadi hai imtehan mile mile na mile, kya pata zameen aasman". in this blog also i could not find the serial or the theme song. can anybody help me out?

  2. Thanks for these posts. Do you have the pankaj kapoor, javed jaffri maggi sauce ads?

  3. Thank you for these posts. Would you have the javed jaffri, pankaj kapoor maggi sauce ads?

    1. I have a lot of videos waiting to be added to this blog but unfortunately, I don't seem to find the Ad you are asking for in that collection. I will keep you posted if I find it. This blog will be updated regularly, so keep coming. Thanks

  4. I think this TVC is from the '80s. Amazing archive you guys are building. Thanks for your efforts.